Will Facebook’s Canvas transform Facebook ads?

Canvas is the exciting new advertising tool built directly into Facebook. It allows marketers to create media-rich advertisements that submerge the viewer into a unique, full-screen, interactive experience. It literally combines all the elements that qualify as good advertising in a single place that nearly 167 million North Americans visit daily.

The self-serve tool is designed specifically with mobile phones, and advertisers in mind. The best part about it is that its incredibly user friendly giving advertisers the chance to really get creative without getting too technical.

From the viewers side, Canvas ads can be identified by a small upwards pointing arrow that will switch to the full-screen experience when clicked.

The Canvas ad experience will add a whole new dimension to advertising with Facebook, so it’s crucial that marketers take full advantage of its capabilities. Honestly, they have no reason not to because its completely free to use. On top of that, it is Flexible for any objective. Canvas gives brands have the ability to creatively achieve any objective they’ve defined for themselves. And by using such quick loading, media-rich content, viewers are more likely to remember Canvas ads.

Early tests by Facebook have shown that users view Canvas ads longer than traditional Facebook advertisements with 53% of users viewing at least half of it. Also, like regular Facebook ads, different versions of the tool can be used to target different demographics.

This video gives a brief insight as to what Canvas ads look like if you haven’t already seen one.

Share your experiences using Canvas or viewing Canvas ads in a comment below.


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