Twitter poll times are now customizable

Gone are the days when Twitter polls would last 24 hours by default with no option to shorten or extend them. The newest Twitter update, available on their android, iOS and web services, allows users to customize the time frame in which polls run. Users can choose a poll length as short as 5 minutes for immediate audience opinions, or one that lasts up to seven days for more serious inquiries.

Twitter first launched the polls feature back in October of last year without the option to customize the length before publishing. Since then, Twitter has claimed the polls feature has been incredibly popular even despite its falling stock price. Since the feature as been added, 1.7 billion votes have been cast in total.

The best part about the update is that creating the poll is done in exactly the same way as before. So do not worry about having to relearn the process of building one of these new customizable polls. The only difference now is a small clock icon, found at the bottom of the app, that allows you to set your desired poll time. In addition to customizable poll times, the feature also gives you the option to include a minimum or 2 and a maximum of 4 answer choices for your poll question.

Here is a quick snapshot (taken from my own iOS Twitter app) of what the new feature looks like:


To be honest, the update is not really that groundbreaking. In fact, it really is just a minimal change. However, what’s important to remember here is that companies need to be aware of the benefits of incorporating polls into their regular tweets – especially if they are not already.

For one, polls (with our without time customization) provide an easy way to interact with your followers and boost engagement. Polls make the fans of your brand feel like their opinions matter – and they do matter! They are a fantastic research tool to gather insight as to what will make your followers happy. Whether its planning an event and gaining a perception of the number of people who are planning to attend, to what sort of food they would like to see served, to their opinion on a new product. The data brands can gather from creating simple poll can be incredibly helpful.

Polls can also help to increase your number of Twitter followers, which ultimately leads to an increase in brand visibility and presence on social media. Because the polls stand out from regular tweets, users who are searching amongst endless tweets and hashtags will be drawn to your poll based on appearance alone.

So my only advice at the moment is to go out and create a poll to see what sort of buzz you can create amongst your followers. Even if it asks them what sort of content they would like to see you tweet about more.

Speaking of, lets do a little poll of our own, shall we?
What platform updates do you like hearing about most? Post your answer the comments below.


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