Will Facebook messenger for business make it harder for brands to convert customers?

Mobile messaging is currently booming, so taking full advantage of it is becoming increasingly important. E-marketers have predicted double digit growth for mobile messaging users by 2018. Currently, Facebook claims that 900 million people are using Facebook messenger each month, and over 1 billion messages are being sent between people and businesses every month.

As usual, Facebook is at the forefront of this tread. They are continuously integrating user friendly tools and features into Messenger to make it easier for customers to connect with the businesses they love.

The most recent updates to Facebook Messenger include:

  • Usernames
  • Messenger links
  • Messenger codes
  • Messenger greetings


Facebook is now taking the unique and familiar parts of Twitter and Snapchat and applying it to messenger for business. Pages will now have unique usernames that will appear under their title page. Like a Twitter handle, they will begin with an @ symbol. Usernames will make it easier for people to find their favorite brands and businesses on messenger.

Messenger Links

These usernames will also act as a clickable link that will immediately open a message thread with your business to promote easy and convenient communication on a messaging platform that people are already comfortable and familiar with.

Messenger Codes

Messenger codes work in the same way by incorporating Snapchat-like scannable codes. People will also be able to scan the code with the camera in their phones wherever you place it – websites, tv advertisements, billboards, etc. This feature will also immediately open a message thread with your business.

Messenger Greetings 

Also new are messenger greetings. These greetings are customizable notes that give businesses a humanistic tone, and encourage communication with the brand. These greetings will appear in the thread even before any messages are sent, welcoming the connection between customer and business.

The common theme of these features is convenience, and ease. In fact, words relating to convenience, ease, and speed were used over 10 times in the short [Facebook post] explaining the new features.

The increase in communication, and convenience is likely to boost competition amongst brands, making it harder for one brand to convince loyal consumers of another brand to make the switch. Businesses who engage with their customers are more likely build loyalty. If all brands begin strengthening the bonds with their customers at the same time, you can see where things will begin to get tricky for e-marketers.


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